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TB Hoareau, E Boissin
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Late-Glacial Demographic Expansion Motivates a Clock Overhaul for Population Genetics
TB Hoareau
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Sexual reproduction of Stich opus chloronotus, a fissiparous sea cucumber, on Reunion Island, Indian Ocean
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Dynamique structurale des populations de bichiques (Sicyopterus lagocephalus), Gobiidae amphidromes des rivières de La Réunion
T Hoareau
PhD, Université de La Réunion, 2005
Secondary contact and asymmetrical gene flow in a cosmopolitan marine fish across the Benguela upwelling zone
K Reid, TB Hoareau, JE Graves, WM Potts, SMR Dos Santos, AW Klopper, ...
Heredity 117 (5), 307, 2016
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