Abdulmajid Mirghni (PhD)
Abdulmajid Mirghni (PhD)
University of Al Fashir
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Hydrothermal synthesis of manganese phosphate/graphene foam composite for electrochemical supercapacitor applications
AA Mirghni, MJ Madito, TM Masikhwa, KO Oyedotun, A Bello, N Manyala
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A high energy density asymmetric supercapacitor utilizing a nickel phosphate/graphene foam composite as the cathode and carbonized iron cations adsorbed onto polyaniline as the …
SJRNM A. A. Mirghni,a M. J. Madito,a K. O. Oyedotun,a T. M. Masikhwa,a N. M ...
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Synthesis of ternary NiCo-MnO2 nanocomposite and its application as a novel high energy supercapattery device
KO Oyedotun, MJ Madito, DY Momodu, AA Mirghni, TM Masikhwa, ...
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Electrochemical performance of two-dimensional Ti3C2-Mn3O4 nanocomposites and carbonized iron cations for hybrid supercapacitor electrodes
KO Oyedotun, DY Momodu, M Naguib, AA Mirghni, TM Masikhwa, ...
Electrochimica Acta 301, 487-499, 2019
Investigation of graphene oxide nanogel and carbon nanorods as electrode for electrochemical supercapacitor
KO Oyedotun, MJ Madito, A Bello, DY Momodu, AA Mirghni, N Manyala
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Examination of high-porosity activated carbon obtained from dehydration of white sugar for electrochemical capacitor applications
KO Oyedotun, F Barzegar, AA Mirghni, AA Khaleed, TM Masikhwa, ...
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Electrochemical analysis of Co3 (PO4) 2ˇ 4H2O/graphene foam composite for enhanced capacity and long cycle life hybrid asymmetric capacitors
AA Mirghni, D Momodu, KO Oyedotun, JK Dangbegnon, N Manyala
Electrochimica Acta 283, 374-384, 2018
Structural and Optical Properties of Mg1-x Znx Fe2 O4 Nano-Ferrites Synthesized Using Co-Precipitation Method
AI Ahmed, MA Siddig, AA Mirghni, MI Omer, AA Elbadawi
Advances in Nanoparticles 4 (02), 45, 2015
Electrochemical properties of asymmetric supercapacitor based on optimized carbon-based nickel-cobalt-manganese ternary hydroxide and sulphur-doped carbonized iron-polyaniline …
KO Oyedotun, TM Masikhwa, AA Mirghni, BK Mutuma, N Manyala
Electrochimica Acta 334, 135610, 2020
Synthesis of cobalt phosphate-graphene foam material via co-precipitation approach for a positive electrode of an asymmetric supercapacitors device
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 818 (153332), 1-13, 2019
High energy and excellent stability asymmetric supercapacitor derived from sulphur-reduced graphene oxide/manganese dioxide composite and activated carbon from peanut shell
DJ Tarimo, KO Oyedotun, AA Mirghni, NF Sylla, N Manyala
Electrochimica Acta 353, 136498, 2020
Asymmetric supercapacitor based on cobalt hydroxide carbonate/GF composite and a carbonized conductive polymer grafted with iron (C-FP)
TM Masikhwa, DY Momodu, KO Oyedotun, AA Mirghni, NM Ndiaye, ...
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Sulphur-reduced graphene oxide composite with improved electrochemical performance for supercapacitor applications
DJ Tarimo, KO Oyedotun, AA Mirghni, N Manyala
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High-performance bimetallic Ni-Mn phosphate hybridized with 3-D graphene foam for novel hybrid supercapacitors
AA Mirghni, KO Oyedotun, O Fasakin, BA Mahmoud, DJ Tarimo, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 31, 101584, 2020
High-performance asymmetric supercapacitor based on vanadium dioxide and carbonized iron-polyaniline electrodes
NM Ndiaye, MJ Madito, BD Ngom, TM Masikhwa, AA Mirghni, N Manyala
AIP Advances 9 (5), 055309, 2019
Electrochemical analysis of Na–Ni bimetallic phosphate electrodes for supercapacitor applications
AA Mirghni, KO Oyedotun, O Olaniyan, BA Mahmoud, NF Sylla, ...
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Enhanced electrochemical performance of supercapattery derived from sulphur-reduced graphene oxide/cobalt oxide composite and activated carbon from peanut shells
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Effect of growth-time on electrochemical performance of birnessite manganese oxide (δ-MnO2) as electrodes for supercapacitors: an insight into neutral aqueous electrolytes
KO Oyedotun, AA Mirghni, O Fasakin, DJ Tarimo, BA Mahmoud, ...
Journal of Energy Storage 36, 102419, 2021
Synthesis of Zn0. 5CoxMg0. 5-xFe2O4Nano-Ferrites Using Co-Precipitation Method and Its Structural and Optical Properties
AA Mirghni, MA Siddig, MI Omer, AA Elbadawi, AI Ahmed
American Journal of Nano Research and Applications 3 (2), 27-32, 2015
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